Symbol Puppet are constructed puppets. Some special great sects that specialise in controlling such Symbol Puppets. Symbol Puppets are divided into three grades. Even Lower Symbol Puppets have the strength of a Perfect Yuan Dan Stage practitioner. There are however Symbol Puppets of even higher grade.[1] In order to become the owner, you need to leave an imprint on the Symbol Puppet. Unleashing one attack of a Middle ranked Symbol Puppet equal to a Form Creation Stage practitioner costs two thousand Pure Yuan Pills.[2]


Lower Symbol Puppet

Comparable to a Perfect Yuan Dan Stage practitioner.[3]

Middle Symbol Puppet

Comparable to a Form Creation Stage practitioner.[4]

High Symbol Puppet

Comparable to a Manifestation Stage practitioner.[5]

Soul Symbol Puppet

It possesses its own consciousness and was practically like another type of life form, and absolutely not an emotionless puppet. Under the Nirvana stage, no one would be a Soul Puppet’s match.[6][7]

These Soul Symbol Puppet can be upgraded. However they require Nirvana Pills to do so. It requires about hundred and eighty thousand Nirvana pills in order to advance to a grade two Soul Puppet.[8]

Heavenly Symbol Puppet


Immortal Symbol Puppet



Bone Puppet

A Bone Puppet could also be considered as a type of Symbol Puppet. However, the materials used in their creation consisted of various kinds of Demonic Beasts and even human practitioner’s bones. However unlike lower, middle and upper grade Symbol Puppets, they are sentient.[11]

Blood Soul Puppet

There are many ways to create a Symbol Puppet. One of the most cruel ways is to directly refine a live person. This method is vicious but the Symbol Puppets created this way are mostly filled with overflowing anger and will very likely devour its master, this is a Blood Soul Puppet. It is a variant of a Soul Symbol Puppet.[12]

Beast Puppet

A beast puppet it a puppet made from Demonic Beasts.[13]


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