The Celestial Dan Pool is an exceedingly rare natural formation that contains an extremely pure Yin Energy and Yang Energy. If one is able to absorb the energy within, not only would one be able to swiftly congeal a Yuan Dan, but the Yuan Dan formed will also be at least 6 stars.[1] It appears as a tiny crystal-clear pool slightly over three meters long. One half of it continuously boiled and bubbled, while a bone-chilling mist hovered above the other half. These two parts were obviously of contrasting elements yet they were able to coexist inside this tiny pool.[2] Only sufficient for four people.[3]

At the bottom there is a small moist cave. At the bottom there was a Demonic Jade Water Python that was defending three Yin Yang Pearls.[4]

After being used, the liquid becomes clear and the pool became an ordinary pool.[5]


An extremely powerful Demonic Beast was guarding it. Yue Shan and Xia Wanjin needed join forces to force the Demonic Beast to flee.[6]

Celestial Dan Pool Battle

Both the Thousand Gold Association and Blood Wolf Gang discovered it. The Celestial Dan Pool has limited benefits for elite Yuan Dan practitioners. However, for younger generation members at Heavenly Yuan Stage, it is practically a godsend. Therefore, both factions are very keen to acquire this Celestial Dan Pool.[7]

The result was that the Thousand Gold Association won the Celestial Dan Pool battle.[8]


  • First Round: Yue Ling (Heavenly Yuan Late Stage) Vs. Xia Zhilan (Heavenly Yuan Late Stage): Xia Zhilan wins.[9]
  • Second Round: Yue Feng (Heavenly Yuan Late Stage) Vs. Liu Yi (Heavenly Yuan Late Stage): Yue Feng wins.[10]
  • Third Round: Lin Dong (Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage) Vs. Jiang Li (Heavenly Yuan Late Stage):[11] Lin Dong wins.[12]

Known Users


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