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Ever since the Family Competition ended, more visitors had arrived to congratulate them. At the dinner table everyone is happy. This is because of the level of strength Lin Dong displayed. However Lin Xiao is a little suspicious about Lin Dong advancements. Lin Dong tries to remove the suspicion by telling that he advanced to Tempered Body 7th Layer only the day before the Lin Family's Competition.


  • Advancing 5 Layers in half a year was extremely remarkable in Qingyang Town, and even the whole Lin Clan.
  • Qingyang Town Hunt will commence at the end of the year.
  • The younger generation of Qingyang Town’s other factions will also be participating in the Qingyang Town Hunt.
  • Qingyang Town Hunt was held once every three years.
  • There are 3 major factions in Qingyang Town.
  • The Lei Family and the Xie Family are original Families of Qingyang Town.
  • The Raging Blade Dojo established themselves for slightly longer than a decade.
  • Merchants hire Raging Blade Dojo as bodyguards.
  • With Lin Xiao return, the Lin Family is now also a major faction.
  • The Lei Family have five Heavenly Yuan Stage practitioners.

Order of AppearanceEdit

Qingyang Town Hunt Arc
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