Martial Movement Upheaval

武动乾坤 by Tian Can Tu Dou

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Wu Dong Qian Kun is a manhua and novel written by Tian Can Tu Dou. The same author of Battle Through the Heavens, Battle Through the Heavens Prequel and The Great Ruler.

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Upcoming Live Action Drama based on Wu Dong Qian Kun.


Manhua Cover Chapter 1

In the journey of self-cultivation, ‘Steal Yin and Yang’, ‘Seize, Create and Transform’, ‘Turn Nirvana’, ‘Grasp Life and Death’. The various stages in our training is contained within these words.”

“Stealing Yin and Yang refers to the Yin Yang Energy absorbed during the Earthly Yuan and Heavenly Yuan Stages. Synergizing Yin and Yang, condensing it into a Dan and the levels after the Yuan Dan Stage refers to the so-called three stages: ‘Seize, Create and Transform’.”

“The three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform.”

“‘Form Creation Stage’, ‘Qi Creation Stage’, ‘Creation and Transformation Stage’ are collectively known as the three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’.”

“If one is able to advance to the three stages of ‘Seize, Create and Transform’, one would be able to call oneself a top tier expert in the Great Yan Empire.

The novel is about Lin Dong who after he watched his father get crippled is filled with vengeance. He is very diligent in his training however he lacks the resources to cultivate. Will he get his vengeance on the person who crippled his father?

However destiny seems to have something more in store for him.

Featured Article
The Battle of Seeds is an event in the Great Yan Empire. Every twenty years, the top factions in the Great Yan Empire will have a battle. Of course, this doesn’t mean starting a war but rather, a tournament. Every faction will send their younger generation’s most outstanding individual to participate in this tournament. This is the Great Yan Empire’s first-class tournament, Those who qualify for the Battle of Seeds are all monstrous individuals and given their extraordinary backgrounds, they are the finest talents among the Great Yan Empire’s younger generation.


Did You Know That
1. Little Flame was only ment to be a Heavenly Yuan Late Stage practitioner?
2. Grand Master Yan was the one who introduced Lin Dong to Mental Energy?
3. Lin Dong used to be bullied by Lin Shan?


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